Thursday, April 11, 2013

Les Miserables 2012 Blu-ray Review

From the moment you pick up this Blu-ray it ooses class, the slipcover is beautifully embossed with nice  pictures of the cast.
Tom Hooper (director) has made a great adaptation of the longest running stage show and a couple of earlier screen adaptations. To be honest this is by far and away the best version I have seen. The depth of visual fulfillment compared to the stage is incredible. From the opening scene of the convicts hauling a warship into the repair dock and then Jean Valjeans (Hugh Jackman) story around France give us a much more visual delight.
Most of you should already know the story Valjean a convict (24601) gets parole  but Javear (Russell Crowe) makes it his lifes task to find him after he skips bail. When he doesn’t help one of his workers fantine (Ann Hathaway) she turns to Prostitution to pay for her child Cosette, after her death Valjean vows to raise the child, the movie then skips to Cosette as an adult (Amanda Seigfried) and  Marius (Eddie Redmayne) a rich student but supporting the Student revolution.
This is probably the richest part of the movie although a lot of reviewers would disagree, as we get introduced to new characters Eponine (Samantha Barks),Gavroche (Daniel Huttlestone)  and the Student leader Enjolras (Aaron Tveit) .We have a love triangle , revolution, wedding and deaths what more could we ask for.
The cast is one of the best ever assembled for a movie let alone a musical. Whilst most are not known for their singing the songs are incredible and stay in your mind for a long time. Most aknowledge Ann Hathaways “I dreamed a Dream” as the best and she did totally deserve the oscar, however for me the most moving songs are “On My Own” and ultimate best “Empty chairs At Empty tables” the emotion in this song is undeniable. Also standout songs are “Do You Hear The People Sing and “A Heart Full Of Love”.
All this and I havent even mentioned the comical duo Landlord and landlady Thenardier’s.
Video quality is very good as is the DTS HD 7.1 soundtrack.
Overall this is a must blu-ray to add to your collection.
Glen Mulder
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Les MiserablesLes Miserables


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